159 Borrowdale Road, Gunhill, Harare
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Traditional Grains

Producers Association

About Us

Traditional Grains

Producers Association

The Traditional Grains Producers Association (TGPA) was formed in 2011 with a mandate to promote Research, Production, Processing, Marketing and Consumption of Traditional Grains. The Association is a nonprofit organization designed to develop, encourage and promote more efficient and effective small grains production and to participate in all matters relative to the interests of small grain producers. ​

TPGA’s main goal is to uplift the small scale communal farmer, and in particular rural women who have always been the backbone of farming in the country.

The Association is committed to promoting the production of designated small grains, livestock and other selected export crops supporting the small holder and communal farmer. TGPA supports its membership, among other things, through market linkages, technical support and strategic linkage to service providers, advocacy and capacity building.


A Mother, A Leader, A Role Model

Rural woman (Mai Chimuti) is an active agents of economic and social change in our communities.

When women are empowered, they in turn contribute to their family’s income and become active change leaders in their communities.
If you build a woman, you build a community; an investment in a woman is a smart investment. When she is empowered, her family is empowered.

​“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard” Proverbs 31:16



To be the leading promoter of Traditional Grains production and selected exportable crops in Zimbabwe.


To be the leading promoter of Traditional Grains production and selected exportable crops in Zimbabwe.


  • Teamwork

  • Transparency & Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Hard working



TGPA mobilises funding from Partners for the provision of water through the drilling and installation of solar powered boreholes and drip irrigation infrastructure in villages throughout the country on agreed business terms. This ensures all year round productive farming. The farmer is expected to pay for this infrastructure through export proceeds from their output. The program would see every household under the scheme benefiting in the following ways:

  • Drilling of borehole to guarantee water supply

  • Drip irrigation system to conserve the precious water

  • Solar system to power borehole water and household requirements

  • Inputs for the crops

  • Extension services to ensure maximum yields are attained

  • Market led production export crops

  • TGPA mobilise farmers into organized groups throughout the Country’s eight (8) rural provinces to benefit from club discounts and informational broadcast.

  • Farmers are not compelled to raise funds on their own but to pay for infrastructure and production costs with part of export crops proceeds.

A word from our First Lady
“Climate change is a reality within our economy especially agriculture. At least 70 percent of our farmers are either communal or small scale and they’re affected badly by climate change. Food security and nutrition are vital for development.

"Development is anchored on research, production, processing, marketing and consumption. To successfully bring value to small grains sector, we have to start with research,"

Amai A. Mnangagwa -TGPA Patron
ICRISAT - 26 June 2019